Founded on January 2nd, 1990, Carlos Manuel Salgado da Costa, Lda. , evolved to become a prominent player in the textiles industry.

The company’s products are traded under the Analar brand name, a representative name in front of their customers.


The company’s operation comprises the design and production of pillows, duvets, and mattress toppers, as well as fiber trading and quilting/padding services, mainly directed to wholesalers. The continuous transformation of the market has, over the years, required efforts to match the direction of the company structure to the industry trends.


The investment in technological renovation, as well as being one of the main drivers of consolidating the company's position in the market and the production capacity, is also intended to continue to produce high-quality articles at competitive prices for increasingly demanding customers.



From the raw material to the final product, Analar offers to their customers a service end-to-end, without resource to third parties. In this way, all productive stages are properly controlled, in order to ensure high levels of quality to our customers.

Analar arrange modern and specialized equipment for the creation of matched, shapes and patterns of tailoring for all their products.

Fully equipped with a manufacturing unit with the latest technology, Analar has an elevated production capacity and a large range of products, supported by countless variations of shapes, materials, fabrics, finishes, fillers and thermal technologies, with respect to the high levels of environmental sustainability.


Our brands follow the precept of quality and excellence and rely on the equal trust and preference of our customers.


It is our intention to provide you with the most varied and select products to fully satisfy your needs.


Meet the brands with our signature.



For over 25 years our products have been synonymous with quality and excellence. Our mission is always to ensure a reliable solution for current and future customers.

So, in 2009, the company obtained the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification of its products. This standard states that all the quality requirements for textile products that are in direct contact with the skin are met.

Our products also have the Trevira CS certification seal, applied to fire retardant textiles.


We produce and market cushions, duvets, resguards and mattress protectors in various formats, materials and fillings.

The different ranges of Analar products focus on different aspects of well-being: comfort, health, relaxation, hygiene and ergonomics.

Explore the Analar product range and find what you are looking for.



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