Trevira GmbH presents Analar’s PLA-Sustainable Pillow at Techtextil

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Our partners Trevira GmbH, specialists in functional yarns and fibers, will attend this May, the Techtextil Fair in Frankfurt. Involved in several partnerships to develop a variety of new products based on biopolymers, Trevira will present our award-winning PLA-Sustainable Pillow.

According to the latest ‘Trevira Press-Report’:

“One sustainable product to be viewed at the fair will be a pillow by our Portuguese customer Carlos Manuel Salgado Costa, Ltd. (Analar®). The filling for the pillow consists of 95% biopolymer PLA. PLA fibres from sustainable raw materials offer a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based fibres, and PLA is recyclable and 100% biodegradable with industrial composting. Because of its sustainability, this pillow has qualified for our Sinfineco brand, only awarded to sustainable Trevira products.”

Analar appreciates the prominence and all the support provided by Trevira GmbH on the development of this fantastic product.

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