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Analar na Pop Up Store Guimarães Marca

Em parceria com o Guimarães Marca, os produtos Analar e Snucker estiveram em exposição em mais uma Pop Up Store. Uma experiência gratificante, onde foi possível dar destaque às almofadas, edredões e toppers das nossas marcas e comprovar a qualidade e compromisso na produção de têxteis-lar. Queremos expressar os nossos sinceros agradecimentos a todos os […]

Uncategorized / 05 Jun 2023

Analar participa pelo segundo ano consecutivo no Guimarães Marca Fashion Festival

No dia 4 de dezembro, a Analar marcará presença pelo segundo ano consecutivo no Guimarães Marca Fashion Festival.

O evento irá decorrer nas instalações da Fábrica ASA e apresentará o Fashion Film Festival (FFF) e o Desfile & Showcase Guimarães Marca.

Uncategorized / 30 Nov 2021

Analar participa na primeira edição do Guimarães Marca Fashion Festival
Analar participa na primeira edição do Guimarães Marca Fashion Festival

Realizou-se no passado mês de Dezembro a primeira edição do Guimarães Marca Fashion Festival, onde foi possível mostrar a grande diversidade do tecido empresarial vimaranense e que contou com a participação da Analar. A primeira edição do Guimarães Marca Fashion Festival teve lugar na Fábrica ASA e contou com um Desfile de Novos Talentos, Concurso de […]

Uncategorized / 26 Feb 2021

Analar apoia campanhas solidárias contra COVID-19
ANALAR supports Solidarity Campaigns against COVID-19

In the middle of a State of Emergency, Guimarães City Council, together with ANALAR and other local and private companies, provides support to the most disadvantaged population of Guimarães. The Emergency Social Support Network created, responds to the basic needs of isolated or vulnerable people in the Guimarães county. To provide support to the most […]

Uncategorized / 05 May 2020

Analar e Guimarães Marca participam na MIF – Feira Internacional de Macau
Analar and Guimarães Marca attend MIF – Macau International Fair

In partnership with Guimarães Marca project and another member companies, Analar attend MIF – Macau International Fair, which took place from 17 to 19 October 2019. In its 24th edition, Macau International Fair is already one of the most relevant international events in the region, taking into account its functioning as a platform for cooperation […]

Uncategorized / 24 Jan 2020

PLA-Sustainable Pillow produced by Analar and Trevira GmbH makes success in Germany

After being presented at Techtextil 2019 in Frankfurt to a wide range of technologies and application areas in the segment of technical and functional textiles, our PLA-Sustainable Pillow, produced in partnership with Trevira GmbH, is talked about in the german country. According to the article published by Forward Textile Technologies: “A sustainable product, which can […]

Uncategorized / 29 May 2019

Trevira GmbH presents Analar’s PLA-Sustainable Pillow at Techtextil

Our partners Trevira GmbH, specialists in functional yarns and fibers, will attend this May, the Techtextil Fair in Frankfurt. Involved in several partnerships to develop a variety of new products based on biopolymers, Trevira will present our award-winning PLA-Sustainable Pillow. According to the latest ‘Trevira Press-Report’: “One sustainable product to be viewed at the fair […]

Uncategorized / 20 May 2019

ANALAR receives national recognition of PME Excelência’18

In recognition of its merit and its contribution to the results of the economy, it is with great pride that ANALAR announces the prestigious distinction of PME Excelência’18. The PME Excelência status is awarded by IAPMEI and represents a reputation label that allow distinguished companies to relate to their environment – suppliers, customers, financial system […]

Uncategorized / 06 May 2019

ANALAR participates in Heimtextil 2019

Heimtextil, considered the “largest international fair” of home textiles sector, in Frankfurt, Germany, was attended by ANALAR, last January. In order to promote an innovative product developed in partnership with Trevira GmbH, Analar presented on Heimtextil 2019, their PLA pillows and duvets. This important event, which is the first sector fair of the year, is […]

Uncategorized / 20 Feb 2019

Analar is at Pop Up Store “Guimarães Marca”

Analar is at Pop Up Store “Guimarães Marca”. We would like to express our sincere thanks to all our customers, employees and suppliers. We also leave a special thank you to Councillor Ricardo Costa and Architect Mota Prego. Excellence isn´t a goal, it is a principle. Greetings.

Uncategorized / 10 Jan 2019