Analar apoia campanhas solidárias contra COVID-19

ANALAR supports Solidarity Campaigns against COVID-19

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In the middle of a State of Emergency, Guimarães City Council, together with ANALAR and other local and private companies, provides support to the most disadvantaged population of Guimarães.

The Emergency Social Support Network created, responds to the basic needs of isolated or vulnerable people in the Guimarães county. To provide support to the most vulnerable, a social support platform was also created by the County in collaboration with the Red Cross Guimarães, and already involves more than 500 volunteers.

Therefore, ANALAR associated to another charitable initiative. This time donating pillows to the Guimarães Emergency Network, to Hospital de Campanha de Guimarães, to Senhora da Oliveira Hospital, to Braga Hospital and to Guimarães Volunteer Firefighters, taking so much pride in being part of this movement that, in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, protects those who are most unprotected.


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